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Eco-Friendly Catering Supplies

We believe in a greener way...  We believe in sustainability...  We believe in being kinder to our environment...  We believe in eco-friendlier catering products that don't have to cost the earth!

Why eco-friendly?

By making the switch to eco-friendly catering supplies and equipment, you can take small steps in protecting the environment and its precious ecosystems to help shape a greener future for the next generations. Add on to this all of the social and economic benefits that come with going green, and you really can't afford to not put sustainability at the heart of your business. Customers are increasingly making decisions on where they spend their money, based on the ethics of the businesses they shop with. Show them that you and your.brand care about your impact with some greener switches.

We Believe in a Greener Way

Where do we start?

There are lots of things necessary to run a successful catering business. All need catering equipment and appliances, some use takeaway food or drinks packaging, and all will need cleaning products to tidy up after themselves and customers! We help businesses to find a greener way to do things. With catering appliances it may be that there is a more energy efficient type of oven, or a more eco-friendly refrigerant gas on a particular ice-machine. A made in the UK or European item can have a much smaller carbon footprint than one made far away and shipped halfway around the world! With takeaway packaging we will help you to avoid unnecessary plastics. or help clients on the recylablility/compostability/biodegradability of their packaging. Whats the difference between the terms and which is best for the business in question? Well that's what we are here to help with, cutting through the jargon and helping to balance objective and cost! With cleaning products, how about some greener cleaning products to completely avoid or reduce unnecessary chemicals? The packaging market & catering industry contains many mixed materials, chemicals and utensils. With this comes a plethora of jargon and terms such as Biodegradable, Degradable, Oxo-Biodegradable, Oxo-Biodegradable, Recyclable, Non-Recyclable Mixed Materials, Industrially Compostable. Compostable. We are happy to work with people of all knowledge bases, from novice right up to expert to find greener solutions for their specific needs. Our product range is ever evolving as we keep our eye on the constant innovation in the industry. We have also worked with a number of clients to develop bespoke products for unique needs.

Who do we work with?

We regularly work with clients throughout the retail, hospitality, education and leisure industries covering TV & Film industry, Quick Service Retail or QSR, Dark Kitchens, bars, restaurants, casual dining, takeaway, delivery, stadium catering, fine dining, contract catering, hotels, nightclubs, schools, breweries, alcohol brands, retail brands, universities and care homes.

We are not preachy, and many customers work with us over time to refine their operations in stages. Its a journey, and we would love to help you go for green!. Get in touch today!

Go for Green Team x 

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