Clocks, Timers & Data Loggers

Make your kitchen timing and food temperatures easy to read with this range of clocks, timers and data loggers. Whether you’re baking a cake or waiting for your bread dough to rise, timing is of the essence. Say goodbye to blackened food with one of the simplest and most underrated of kitchen tools, the humble kitchen timer. Able to be used on fridges or worktops, our selection of timers don’t make things complicated and help you to concentrate on cooking. Whether you want a rounded or flat LCD screen that is easy to read at a glance, you can find the ideal kitchen timer for your needs here.

Keep your data organised with HACCP data recorders, tracking everything from stock levels and supplier deliveries to temperatures and humidity levels. Data loggers also make it easy to download reports in excel or pdf format to keep all your records compatible, in one place and easily retrievable.

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