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Fiesta Green Compostable products help every business in working towards a more sustainable future for all, Fiesta Green is a selection of compostable and biodegradable catering disposables which are kinder to our planet. These cost-effective eco-friendly straws, cups and packaging products are made from plant-based materials to help you lessen the amount of waste you send to landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and highlight your commitment to sustainability. Fiesta Green products are part of our overall Compostable Packaging offering. We offer the UK's largest selection of compostable takeaway products from brands including Biopak, Vegware, Solia, ColpacEnviroware, and more. We also carry a substantial range of compostable cleaning cloths and plant based cleaning products.

Why Eco-Friendly?

The potential for damage to the environment from food service is huge. The amount of effort you put into negating that impact matters. Why? It’s because your customers expect it. In fact, increasing numbers of consumers will only offer their loyalty to brands and businesses that act in a responsible manner. Fiesta Green helps you make small changes today at minimal extra cost, can you afford not to?

Eco-Friendly Straws

The appetite for using single-use plastic straws is in decline. So much so, that big multi-national after big multi-national is announcing that they are working towards replacing plastic. We have added a selection of sustainable alternatives for you to choose from.

Plant-Based Straws

Made from plant-based CPLA, these straws look, feel and act like traditional plastic, but break down into nutrient-rich compost when disposed of in the correct facilities. Want a like-for-like eco alternative to plastic? Choose these plant-based substitutes.

Paper straws

Colourful, compostable and crafted from only the highest quality materials, these paper straws are a great choice for any Earth-conscious caterer. Cocktails, smoothies or juices. You'll find a paper straw to suit your entire drinks menu here.

Eco-Friendly Cups

We currently use around 7 million disposable coffee cups every day in the UK. Let’s reduce the amount that end up at landfill. Our eco-friendly compostable cups and lids are made from plant-based alternatives to plastic. They can be broken down and give back to the Earth as nutrient-rich soil in as little as 12 weeks. The use of premium paper and PLA lining also makes these cups incredibly sturdy and functional.

PLA-Lined Hot Cups

Espressos and lattes. Cappuccinos and hot chocolates. Find the green serving solution for all of your hot beverages from this range of commercially compostable, PLA-lined hot cups

PLA Cold Cups

Keeping your customers refreshed needn’t cost the Earth. Available in a range of sizes, these plant-based, compostable cold cups are perfect for keeping the drinks flowing and your environmental impact to a minimum.

Plastic-Free Hot Cups

Sustainable waste disposal is made simple with these plastic-free hot cups. Certified compostable and widely accepted for recycling too, these double-wall hot cups are the ultimate eco choice for the modern-day caterer.


When serving out of a box or cone won’t do, we have a choice of eco-friendly plates and bowls made from carbon-saving materials. From palm leaf plates to bowls made from recycled sugarcane, this range gives you the perfect tableware to serve your dishes in a way that's kinder to the planet. Match these plates and bowls with biodegradable or compostable forks, knives and spoons for a fully sustainable dining experience.

Takeaway Packaging

Fiesta Green’s food packaging is made from renewable bamboo, PLA, birch wood and sugarcane to give you highly sustainable takeaway alternatives to polystyrene. Not just great for the environment, this biodegradable and compostable packaging is also strong and practical, perfect for serving a variety of hot and cold dishes. These products are ideal for mobile caterers to use at large events such as festivals, weddings and food markets.

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