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Our Recyclable and Compostable Kraft Gable Boxes (or sometimes known as Turkey Boxes) are a very sturdy option for transporting takeaway food. Made from sturdy paperboard for extra strength, these gable boxes will ensure your takeaway sandwiches, pastries and fast food stay protected when delivered to customers. And thanks to this strong construction, the boxes can safely carry large portions without breaking or ripping.

Large handles make these boxes easy to carry, so there's no risk of drops when customers and staff are transporting food. A simple push-and-tuck design means the boxes can be put together in no time too - so you'll always have packaging on hand during those busy services.

The paperboard material means these gable boxes can even carry food at temperatures of up to 90°C. This makes them perfect for use with everything from cold deli goods to piping hot takeaways. Tuck-in corners complete these boxes, retaining heat to keep your food-to-go fresher and warmer for longer.

Are These Boxes Recyclable? Are they Compostable?

Yes, the paperboard build means the gable boxes can be recycled or composted after use. Either disposal method will help to divert waste away from landfill and into more sustainable disposal streams. However, you must make sure the boxes are free from food waste, oil or grease as this soiling will contaminate the recycling process. If the boxes are soiled then composting would be the most suitable waste disposal method.

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