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Measurement Conversion Charts

We supply products from a wide array of manufacturers. Product measurements by size and volume are often given in different units of measure. With that in mind we have created this handy conversion tool for your convenience.

Please note that measurements quoted in product listing are provided by the relevant manufacturer and Go For Green Ltd have given those measurements in good faith, We are not liable for errors.

Gastronorm & Food Pan Sizing Guide

Gastronorm Food Pan Sizing Guide

Weight - Grams to Pounds & Ounces

Weight Conversion - Grams to Pounds and Ounces

Volume - Litres to Fluid Ounces & Pints

Volume Conversion - Litres to Fluid Ounces and Pints

Measurement - Centimetres to Inches

Measurement Conversion - Centimetres to Inches


American Measures

Imperial to Metric Conversions

Oven Temperatures

Oven Temperatures

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