Palm Leaf Tableware

Our Palm Leaf Tableware features products from Vegware, Biopak, Festa Green and other brands. These products are also featured in our Hot Food Packaging and Cold Food Packaging sections. These products are made from fallen Areca nut palm leaves in Kerala, Southern India. After falling, the leaves are gathered then soaked in natural spring water, before heat pressing into shape and drying. No artificial coatings, chemicals or additives are used. Each piece is as unique as the leaves they are made from, and their variations in thickness and colour form part of their rustic charm.

What Makes Palm Leaf Tableware Environmentally Friendly?

Because the plates are made entirely from renewable, fallen palm leaves, they're kind to Earth's natural resources and will break down quickly and safely into the environment. Switching to these items will therefore help you to minimise your impact on the planet and appeal to green-minded customers. 

The natural material means every plate also has its own slightly unique look. This will add a rustic charm to your food presentation that guests are sure to love.

Can I Use Palm Leaf Tableware In The Oven?

Yes! The water and heat-resistant palm leaf material makes them oven, microwave and freezer safe. This gives you plenty of choice when it comes to preparing and preserving your dishes. 

What Types Of Food Can I Serve On The Tableware?

As they're made from tough, heat-pressed palm leaves, palm leaf items are perfect for serving wet, dry and oily food. This makes them a versatile addition to any buffet, food stall or mobile catering operation.

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