Polycarbonate Gastronorms

Operating temperatures vary across polycarbonate gastronorms, which is why colour coding is often used to identify them. For example, amber polycarbonate pans have the greatest heat resistance, and can be used directly from storage to the microwave or bain-marie which helps save the use of other pans.

Black polycarbonate gastronorm pans are commonly associated with cold food preparation, although they offer a wide temperature range. Polycarbonate has many benefits as a material for use in food storage and preparation. Firstly it does not insulate heat, ensuring pans are always cold to the touch and therefore safe to be handled at all times. Also, polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and so offers reliability and a long lifespan. Polycarbonate gastronorms do not bend out of shape so can always  be stacked to save space.

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