Where there’s a meal, there’s a bowl for it. Bowls bring a versatility to meals helping make them either more elaborate, such as Indian dishes, or concise, such as soups or noodles, or indeed both. Whether you’re serving up pasta dishes, lasagne dishes, continental dishes, or Asian dishes, we have a wide range and size of bowls to help you spruce up or simplify your meals for your guests and customers. Types of bowls Our huge variety of restaurant bowls are specifically chosen to cater to individual needs. From cereal bowls for the start of the day, to dipping bowls, salad bowls and dessert bowls for that perfect pudding. Our ramen bowls are perfect for serving your Asian-inspired dishes. Designed with a variety of shapes and sizes, these noodle bowls allow you to serve favourite dishes to your guests, with flavourful broths to complement. Looking for a soup bowl? The temperature and texture of the soup impacts the type of bowl that you would need. With shallow and wide designed bowls for thick, chunk-filled soup or deeper bowls, such as pureed soup, for soups with smoother textures. It’s important to also consider the material and design of the bowls. For example, enamel bowls are excellent for holding heat, while stacking bowls are great for saving space and are easy to transport. You can be assured that our bowls are commercial-grade constructions and come in a wide array of styles and designs to suit any décor and taste. Our bowls are typically safe to use in ovens and dishwashers, thereby helping your staff to deliver quick turnaround services.

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