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There are different types of chargrills and char broilers available that can help you deliver uniquely grilled and flamed flavours of meat and vegetables to satisfy your customers’ palates. Countertop Chargrills From cooking juicy kebabs, burgers, steaks to unforgettable grilled chicken and vegetables, countertop chargrills are a must-have in any professional kitchen. Our countertop chargrills run on gas, electric or both and are built to last. We have popular brands, such as Lincat chargrills, Blue Seal chargrills, Parry chargrills and many more options. Free Standing Chargrills Using a free standing chargrills is ideal when it comes to creating flavoursome dishes for your customers in highly cost-effective and energy-efficient ways. A good free-standing chargrill oven usually comes with reliable and robust features that help to regulate heat distribution as well as keep spillages under control. We have Imperial chargrills and Hobart chargrills amongst other popular chargrill brands available at Go for Green. Charcoal Ovens Charcoal ovens are not only well-suited to create tasty barbecue food, but also great for rustling up grilled dishes indoors. In fact, cooking with charcoal ovens is a more recent development in the world of kitchen appliances, as the demand for barbecue cuisines has risen over the years. Combi Ovens Combination or “combi” ovens are well-known for their versatility and efficiency. Combi ovens run on both steam and convection cooking technologies that enable you to deliver lip-smacking dishes time after time. Our combi ovens from renowned brands, such as Lincat Combi Ovens, Rational Combi Ovens and Blue Seal Combi Ovens, are designed to work in commercial kitchens. Barbecue and Meat Smokers When warm weather strikes, the pull to dine outdoors can be hard to resist. By investing in the right Commercial BBQ, your business can deliver mouth-watering, flamed meat and smoky vegetables in large quantities. Our BBQs run on gas, charcoal or both which are perfect for catering a variety of events such as festivals, fetes, carnivals and melas. Many of our BBQs are portable and can adapt to various external conditions, such as the grounds and grass areas, along with withstanding long road journeys as well as general wear and tear. If you’re planning to cook up a large hog roast or rack of ribs, why not consider our Meat Smokers. They are the best apparatus for cooking food at a low temperature in a controlled smoky environment. BBQ Essentials When preparing for a cookout make sure you’ve got all the additional essentials for cooking up a storm! Shop our range of stainless-steel bowls for seasoning your meat and veg to perfection before taking them to the BBQ. Every good BBQ workstation requires the right tools from meat tongs to carving forks and BBQ spatulas. You can find all of these in our BBQ utensils range.

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