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Fancy a cuppa? Delight your customers and serve your carefully crafted hot drinks in style. Whether you’re serving reinvigorating teas or warming hot chocolates, with our extensive range it’s easy to find the size of cup and style of cup to suit your business. Cafe mugs Perfectly complement your delicious brews with the right type of mug. It’s not just the finish you need to consider but what material that suits your business best. There is so much choice from porcelain mugs to enamel mugs and more. Stylish porcelain mugs can add an air of elegance to your collection. Many of these mugs are chip- resistant and stain-resistant; meaning they are durable and are built to last. You should also consider our collection of stoneware mugs that has a unique appearance which is also complemented by their thickness that help keep drinks hotter for longer. For long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing, and a practical style of mugs look at our enamel mugs which are lightweight, durable and come in a variety of colours and styles. From white to green in packs of 6 with and without handles. What equipment do you need to open a coffee shop? Whether you’re just getting started or refurbishing your café, we have the range of coffee shop supplies to help you. Our commercial coffee machines brew filtered coffee and coffee pods in large volumes. While our milk dispensers come with insulated dual layers that help to protect milk as well as being easy to clean and sterilise. We also have a wide range of commercial kettles to deliver serving after serving of your unique brews and hot beverages. Types of cups and mugs It’s not just the brew that affects your customer experience, the type of mug can also impact the taste. From small tea cups to caffeine-boosting coffee mugs, you would need to find the right cups and mugs to bring the best out of your hot drinks options. Espresso cups are the smallest of coffee cups which are perfect for a morning shot of crema coffee. The shot size cup is perfectly petit in design which prevents the crema from spreading out and causing the rich flavours to fade. Make sure you’ve got the best espresso machine to assist your morning espressos too. A great cappuccino is a mix of coffee and milk served in a large cup with a dusting of chocolate on top. You can’t enjoy a great cappuccino without a cappuccino cup. Our range of cappuccino cups are designed with narrow bases and wider rims, which enable the espresso shot to remain concentrated in the base. Another great way to start a morning is with a fresh latte which are made up of coffee and milk, but the milk creamer is traditionally a combination of steamed milk and a lather of foam. The design of latte cups is larger than cappuccino cups to make it is easier to pour the steamed milk over the espresso, so baristas achieve the right quantity of espresso, milk, and foam. Saucers Every cup or mug needs a saucer to accompany it! Check out our huge selection of saucers that not only help to protect your tables from potential stains that could occur due to spillages but also aesthetically complete your hot beverage serving.

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