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Dry Food Storage

Keep your dry foods are fresh with our selection of dry food storage containers. Ideal for ingredients such as grains, flour and sugar that can show signs of spoilage even in ambient conditions, our storage bins and containers protect contents from outside contaminants and oxygenation. Not only does this help to increase the lifespan of your ingredients, but also keeps them free from bacteria and mould spores - especially useful when combined with preserving jars and preserving bags. Plus, we stock dry food storage containers from market-leading brands, such as Araven, Cambro and Vogue, so commercial materials and designs are guaranteed. There are many different Types of Dry Food Storage Boxes that will meet the needs of food storage space.

Ingredient Bins

Designed for bulk storage of up to 140Ltr, our ingredients bins can store vast quantities of rice, grains and oats in safe and hygienic environments. This large design makes the bins ideal for restaurants, bakeries and hotels that require a high output of dry ingredients - and perfect for pairing with food scoops. In addition, we stock storage bins with heavy-duty castors that allow for quick and easy transport.

Bulk Storage Containers

Smaller but more manageable than ingredient bins, bulk storage containers are design to house a wide range of food items in your fridge, freezer, or kitchen cupboards. Thanks to matching lids, these containers protect contents from potential contaminants and maintain freshness for longer. And they're great for hygienically storing small kitchen equipment too.

Bakery Trays and Dollies

Our high-quality bakery trays are designed to house pastries, cakes and other baked goods. Their food-safe builds ensure that food remains untainted, whilst the open top showcases your produce to potential customers. And our dollies are built with castors that make it easy for staff to transport trays and food boxes.

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