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Food Containers

Food containers are an essential element of any catering operation. Whether you need to extend the life of your ingredients, or simply looking for space-saving storage options, our range of food containers has exactly what you need. And as we stock a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, there's a container that's guaranteed to fit your fridge, freezer or cupboards.

Food Storage Boxes

Effective food storage plays an important role is preserving freshness and flavour. Our range of commercial-quality containers are specifically designed to safely house fresh and frozen produce. This makes them ideal for restaurants, cafes and hotels that need to bulk-store ingredients.

Graduated Food Containers

A two-in-one solution for measuring and storing ingredients, graduated storage containers allow you monitor stock levels of both wet and dry ingredients - especially useful for automatic coffee machines.

Clip Food Storage Boxes

Airtight food containers not only keep ingredients fresh but help to reduce waste and facilitate efficient stock rotation. This makes them ideal as part of your restaurant or at-home food storage, and great for use alongside your preserving bags and preserving jars.

Ice Cream Containers

Durable and freezer-safe, ice cream containers are specially designed to house your frozen sweet treats. Although kept in a freezer, ice cream can become stale and contaminated if stored incorrectly. Their secure lids mean that our containers are able to prevent contents from becoming ruined and ensure that guests can enjoy the full, rich flavour of your homemade ice cream.

Defrosting Trays

Ensure that frozen produce is fully defrosted before prep and cooking, with these specially designed trays. Each tray is built with draining holes that ensure maximum airflow to produce whilst preventing ingredients from becoming tainted at the bottom of your containers.

Need utensils to dispense stored ingredients with ease? Then check out our serving ladles and serving tongs.

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