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Food Processors

A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. Today, the term almost always refers to an electric-motor-driven appliance, although there are some manual food processors. Food processors are similar to blenders in many ways, but usually have multiple disks or blades that can be interchanged, and they generally have greater power than a blender. A food processor may shred, slice, dice, puree, emulsify, knead, chop, or juice, among other things.

Commercial food processors are the best solution for cutting down your food prep times and reducing food waste. Whether you're chopping tomatoes, slicing cucumber, or dicing peppers, these powerful preparation machines create the results you're looking for with the minimum of mess and fuss.

Similar to commercial blenders and veg prep machines, a professional food processor usually has ultra-strong blades or discs which are designed to produce uniform results every time. There's a huge variety of commercial food processors suitable for the professional kitchen - from the world renowned Robot Coupe to the durable Waring food processors, prepping ingredients has never been faster or easier.

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