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Food Storage

Well-organised food storage not only preserves the quality and lifespan of your ingredients but helps to save space. Whether it's raw meat, fresh vegetables or preservation of dry herbs and spices, catering food containers can be used to preserve and improve a wide variety of fresh and frozen produce.

Gastronorm Containers

Thanks to their industry-standard shapes, sizes and materials, gastronorm containers are ideal for a wide range of catering businesses. Stainless-steel gastronorms provide consistent and durable storage for a selection of fresh and dried produce. And thanks to their oven-safe designs, you can use these containers to cook, store and serve - all in one place.

Alternatively, budget-friendly plastic gastronorms may be better suited to you. With excellent durability and allowing your staff to check contents in the blink of an eye, plastic gastronorms are ideal for kitchens of any size.

Preserving Jars and Bags

Storage jars and preserving bags are designed to keep food fresh and within arm's reach. You can use these jars with jams, preserves and fermenting a range of sauces. Their airtight lids ensure your stock stays protected from air and moisture to reduce spoilage.

Mainly used or efficient storage of grains, rice and oats, preserving bags offer an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to plastic storage boxes and ensure that produce stays fresh for longer, too.

Insulated Food Transport

Want to expand your business to include customer delivery? Then insulated food boxes are the way to go. Thanks to their heat-stopping technology, insulated food boxes are able to keep contents hot or cold throughout their entire journey. This ensures that your customers receive their order to the highest possible quality.

Food Containers

Ideal for safely storing a wide selection of produce, food containers are the perfect storage solution for restaurants, cafes and hotels alike. From graduated containers for milk storage, to smaller clip-top boxes for sandwiches and snacks, our food containers contain everything you need to extend the life of your food and drink, whilst maximising available space.

For further storage solutions, browse our selection of commercial kitchen shelving that is designed to help you maintain efficient stock rooms, kitchens and food preparation areas.

Looking for utensils to make cooking and serving that-bit easier? Then our serving tongs, serving ladles and serving spoons have everything you need. Or for other kitchen and service essentials, check out our range of pro-quality oven gloves, food serving trays and serving trolleys.

From perforated gastronorms and mobile ingredient bins to racking trolleys and insulated food delivery bags, this choice of food storage can cater for the needs of any business, big or small.

For further storage solutions, browse our selection of commercial kitchen storage and shelving which will help you to maintain efficient stock rooms, kitchens and food preparation areas.

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