Wine Glasses

Wine glasses – sifting your way through the world of wine to find the right set can be tricky. But luckily our wine glasses are split out to make it easy. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a wine wannabe, you’ll find something here to suit every need. For your bold bodied reds, you’ll need a wine glass with a big bowl to aerate those Cabernet Sauvignons and Bordeuxs if you’re really going to show off their complexity. And whether you’re going for a wine goblet or a standard wine glass, you’ll want one with a long stem to avoid any accidental heating gripping the bowl can cause – keeping your perfectly served reds at the temperature that’ll bring out their best. For your light whites, you’ll want a smaller wine glass that’ll trap the delicate floral notes of everything from zippy Pinot Grigios to fresh Sauvignon Blancs – delivering a punch of flavour with each sip. Customers looking to try before they buy? Show off what your best bottles are all about with our tailor-made wine tasting glasses and turn those first sips into repeat orders. And top it all off with a wine decanter – guaranteed to unlock the flavours in the most complex of wines while bringing a little elegance to any table. Whatever you need to bring your wine menu to life, you’ll find it with Go for Green wine glasses.

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