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Whether you're working in a commercial kitchen or cooking at home, you need the right kitchen utensils to help you create delicious, memorable dishes every time. From food preparation to serving, our extensive range ensures you'll have the right utensil for each job. And if you're looking for a specific style for your kitchen, from Silicone Utensils to our range of colours and finishes including orange and grey accessories. Need some guidance on what are best Utensils for your kitchen? Our Kitchen Utensils Buying Guide is packed with helpful advice and inspiration.

Chopping boards

Wooden chopping boards are typically preferred because of their durability, smooth-yet-sturdy surfaces and being easy to clean. However, there are other types of food prep boards available, such as our colour-coded chopping boards, which are divided across specific food groups. These polyethylene boards help curb cross-contamination as employees only use one board for cutting meat, another for fish, another for vegetables, etc. Want to know more? Visit ourcolour-coded chopping board guide.

Chinois sieves

For precise straining and smoothness, especially when it comes to making soups, sauces, and stocks, consider investing in a chinois sieve. A more versatile version of a colander, the fine mesh metal enables purees to be texturised to perfection, ingredients to be washed and drained clearly, and baking ingredients to be accurately sifted.

Stainless steel bowls

For smooth, fast, and efficient mixing, using stainless steel bowls is the way to go. These are highly durable and robust, withstanding different temperatures as well as being easy to clean. We have a wide range of stainless steel bowls in different shapes, sizes, volumes, and purposes for you to choose from.

BBQ utensils and supplies

The two immediate factors for buying reliable BBQ utensils are: maximum heat resistance and optimising flavours for chargrilled food. We have a wide selection of carving forks, spatulas, knives, skewers, and turners that will help you create and serve sizzling meals. We also have available a whole host of barbecue supplies, including drinks coolers, barbecue griddles, spares, and accessories, to help you stay equipped and prepared.

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