Deposit Return Scheme Reusable Polypropylene Corretto Cup 12oz - Custom Printed

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The reusable polypropylene Corretto cup is a sustainable alternative to the paper cup or single use disposables. The cup is durable and can be used multiple times.  Paper cups need a wax or plastic lining to hold liquids. These cups don’t need extra cardboard barrier sleeves as it retains heat internally and prevents scalding externally.

The cup creates less CO2 during its lifecycle than traditional paper cups and can be recycled in traditional plastic recycling bins.

Colours: The cups can be plain white, coloured, and/or branded with your logo

Minimum Order Quantity: 3,780 cups (1 pallet).

Environmental benefits:

  • Fully recyclable in all plastic recycling bins – landfill prevention
  • 36x less likely to go to landfill or be littered
  • EcoCore simplifies the design, reducing weight and component parts
  • Removes barriers to reuse
  • Reduces waste and reprocessing through multi-use
  • Lowers carbon emissions than alternative single-use paper cups by 95%. Limiting manufacturing through washing and reuse vs continuous manufacturing and disposal to landfill.
  • PP manufacturing scrap is reprocessed. Zero waste. 100% material utilisation
  • Reduces demand and cost of single-use cups
  • Cost per cup is radically reduced per use
  • If used ‘in-house’ it reduces company waste and subsequent waste management collection costs.
  • Will improve the management of council collection and sorting operations
  • A circular DRS scheme offers the ability to increase recycling performance and generate revenue from the sale of PP
  • Opportunity to incentivise consumers and increase sales

Over one million coffee cups end up in UK landfill every minute. Paper cups need a wax or plastic lining to hold liquids, yet this combination of materials prevents cups being recycled alongside other paper products.

Made from polypropylene, the cup is durable, making it perfect for multiple use and deposit return schemes. It is easily recycled in plastic recycling bins or council collection schemes, supporting a circular plastics economy and exterminating single-use paper cups journey to landfill. Due to its ease of reusability, these cups will undoubtedly reduce the overall cost in the current supply chain and won't cost the earth”, unlike single-use paper cups.  

In addition, these cups feature EcoCore™ foamcore walls which retain heat internally and prevent scalding externally. This removes the need for additional heat preventing cardboard barrier sleeves. 

Available in Black, White, Lime Green, Pink, Dark Green, NHS Blue & Orange.

Cost varies from project to project, depending on quantities, design and lead times. Please get in touch to discuss your project today.

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